instructor Professor Michael McDonald Asst. Professor of Finance, Fairfield University


Blockchain, Bitcoin, and more
Join us for the Blockchain & Bitcoin Class, held in a private classroom NYC, and taught by the world renowned expert on Blockchain & Bitcoins, Professor Michael McDonald.

Students who complete this class will receive 14 CPE credits.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your tuition.

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Class Outline

This course examines the fundamentals of Blockchain – what it is, why it is useful, and how it is changing the financial services landscape. By now nearly everyone has heard of Bitcoin. What most people don’t realize though is that while Bitcoin itself may be a long way from gaining popular appeal, the technology underlying it is already being used by major financial firms across the economy. That technology is called Blockchain and it useful for securely recording, moving, and storing financial products of all types. From IBM to JPMorgan, many major companies are exploring how Blockchain can be used in their business. A recent Harvard Business Review article explored the uses and impacts of Blockchain and concluded that the technology had myriad applications in the economy.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe what blockchains are and how they are useful
  • Explain what Bitcoin is and how it works
  • Describe the investment mechanics of Bitcoin
  • Discuss the risks inherent in Bitcoin investing
  • Understand the basics of using blockchains in the financial system including their applications
  • Explain how blockchains work
  • Understand the limitations on blockchains and the risks they entail
  • Diagram the movement and transfer of financial assets using a blockchain process versus a conventional technique
  • Analyze Bitcoin as an investment vehicle and discuss the opportunities and limitations around investing in it
  • Explain the state of the Bitcoin markets and the emerging trends in the asset




Learn all about Blockchain, Bitcoins, and more in this exciting two-day training class, and also receive 14 CPE credits!


Come explore the newest developments in Blockchain, Bitcoin, and distributed ledger tactics, methods, and cutting edge technology.


Join your peers in this Blockchain & Bitcoinclass to discuss various distributed ledger technologies in each of your firms, discover new methods and ideas to utilize Blockchain and more.
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